100% Water Soluble Fertilisers :

19-19-19 Tripple Ninteen : 100% Water Soluble Fertiliser 


19-19-19 water soluble fertilizers containing all the three major plant nutrients i.e. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash for crops grown in green houses as well as other field crops.

1)Foliar, suitable for spraying and
2) Drip grade which is suitable for application through drip irrigation system.

Use of 19-19-19 either through drip or foliar prevents deterioration of soil texture as soil complexion and mechanical damage to the crop is eliminated.
The major features of 19-19-19 foliar and drip grades are as follows.
19-19-19 Water soluble fertiliser Benefits :

  • 19-19-19is free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
  • 19-19-19supply required macro (N.P.K) together in optimum dose to crops
  • 19-19-19contains nitrogen in different forms needed gradually at different growth stages of crops
  • 19-19-19is useful specially for healthy vegetative growth of plants
  • 19-19-19is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants
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20-20-20 Triple twenty : Water Soluble Fertiliser :


20-20-20 general purpose water soluble fertilizer is very effective on all types of plants.  Its balanced formula may be used whenever a more general formulation is required.  Its high percentage ofammoniacal and urea nitrogen will provide rapid green up and leaf expansion while the balanced phosphorous and potassium will encourage root and shoot growth

NPK 20:20:20 improves the qualities of less fertile soil and increases the yield of plants. It is processed by our deft team of experts using excellent quality ingredients and modern processing techniques in compliance with the international market standards.

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13-0-45 Potassium Nitrate : Water Soluble Fertiliser

13:00:45 – Potassium Nitrate  , This provides excellent green-up in low temperature conditions.  Apply in the fall for extra protection against drought and winter stress. N-P-K 13-00-45 is Water Soluble Fertilizer contributing nitrogen 13 % and potassium 45 %. Potassium nitrate is a unique source of potassium by its nutritional value and its contribution to the health and yields of plants. Potassium nitrate outperforms other potassium fertilizers on crops of all types. Potassium nitrate increases yields and improves quality in vegetables, field crops., flowers and fruit and nut trees. Potassium nitrate is an ideal source of N and K for optional plant nutrition. It is available in a variety of compositions and formulations, to suit specific crop requirements and growth environments

13-00-45 also called as Potassium nitrate is one of the most used water soluble fertiliser . 13-00-45

13-00-45 Potassium Nitrate Benefits :

  • 13-00-45is free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
  • 13-00-45is compatible with all water-soluble fertilizers and also majority of pesticides in foliar application
  • 13-00-45is useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development
  • 13-00-45has low n/k ratio therefore suitable for all crops and all growing stages in crop cycle
  • 13-00-45is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants

Packing available : 500 gm. Pouch and 25 kg Multicolor bag.

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13-40-13  – NPK water soluble fertiliser :

Suitable for both foliar spraying and drip irrigation

All major nutrients are available in a single product

Low salt content prevents clogging of drip system

As nutrient loss, which is common in ground application of fertilizers is avoided due to unique way of application, it enhances nutrient use efficiency

Storage : In cool and dry place, away from direct heat / sunlight

For Agriculture Use Only

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00:00:50 : Potassium Sulphate ( Water Soluble Fertiliser )

00-00-50 : Potassium Sulphate : High K supplies twice as much potassium , while still maintaining the optimal levels of the other plant nutrients.  Over 50% of the potassium form.  It has a very low potential acidity, exhibiting minimal acidifying tendencies in the soil. It is recommended when soil levels or tissue samples show low potassium levels or when plants are setting bud, as well as during maturation and blooming.

Benefits – 00:00:50 (SOP) Suphate of potash

00-00-50 does not allow clogging in drippers & also helps the crop for its potassium requirements.

00-00-50 is eco-friendly as 13:00:45 S.O.P is Nitrate free potassium product. Being  Sulphate enriched product, it does not have any effects on ground water quality.

00-00-50 provides good quality of produce as it has minimum chloride (Cl) & Sodium (Na) content which does have any effect on soil salinity.

00-00-50 is very ideal for all crops & all types of soils even ( Calcareous Soils), since it helps in lowers the pH of irrigation water. It is suitable for high E.C. contents of water (i.e. high Bicarbonates), which has high water pH.

00-00-50 is highly suitable for Tomatoes, Water Melons/Potatoes, Cucumbers and also fruity crops like Grapes, Pomegranates, Citrus, Banana, and Lemons & may more crops.

00-00-50 is ideal for use during last growth period, where potash requirement of the crop is high. This results in better weight, sweetness & long shelf life & with good fruit quality.

00:00:50 : Potassium Sulphate water soluble fertilisers , comes in 1Kg and 25 Kg Packing

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12:61:00 : Mono Ammonium Phosphate ( Water Soluble Fertiliser )

12:61:00  provides tree seedlings with the proper rate of nitrogen, phosphorus  for good root development. MAP 12-61-00 is recommended for direct use at the beginning of the growing season, when phosphorus availability is crucial for the establishment of the root system. MAP can be tank-mixed with other nutrients, apart from Ca/Mg, to meet nutritional needs throughout the crop cycle.

12-61-00 MAP Mono Ammonium Phosphate water Soluble fertiliser

Benefits  – 12-61-00 MAP – Mono Ammonium Phosphate :

  •  12-61-00is free-flowing, crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
    •    12-61-00 is water-soluble fertilizer containing the highest phosphorus (p) content available
    •    12-61-00 can be applied with all water-soluble fertilizers except calcium based fertilizers
    •    12-61-00 is useful for uniform bumper and healthy flowering
    •    12-61-00 is having nitrogen in ammonical (nh4) and offers better control for n-availability
    •    12-61-00 is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants

Spray Recommendations : 5-6 gm / Lit of water for Fruit crops / Vegetables / Kharif – Rabi crops

Packing : 500 Gram multicolour poly pouch / 25kg HDPE Bag

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00-52-34  Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP – 100% water soluble fertiliser

00-52-34 ( MPK  – Mono Potassium Phosphate  )  is one of the most popular water soluble fertiliser . 00-52-34 water soluble fertiliser  can be used on other crops during periods of rapid vegetative growth.  Years of research led to the development of this fertilizer, higher  phosphorous and potassium for general plant health and bloom.

MKP 00-52-34 (Imported 100 % Water Soluble Drip Fertilizer)

Benefits :  00:52:34- MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate 100% water soluble fertiliser

00:52:34 MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate is free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water

00:52:34 MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate is the most concentrated water-soluble fertilizer containing both P and K important nutrients

00:52:34 MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate is the best suited for excellent flowering and fruit setting / fruit development

00:52:34 MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate foliar application has significant controlling effects on fungal diseases and also compatible with majority of

00:52:34 MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate has low EC and low salt index

00:52:34 MKP – Mono Potassium Phosphate has source for P and K elements, allow free selection of desired Nitrogen source at crop stages when Nitrogen
is required

Packing : 500 Gram multicolor poly pouch / 25 kg HDPE Bag

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Calcium Nitrate :

Calcium Nitrate enhances uptake of potassium, magnesium and calcium from soil as these are positively charged and fixed in soil. Negative charge of nitrate releases them from soil and thus promotes their uptake as solution of calcium nitrate sprayed on leaves to roots also.

Nitrate increases soil pH a combined effect of increased pH and strengthening of cell walls by calcium controls cluck root disease in all crops.

The nitrate-nitrogen in Calcium Nitrate is readily absorbed by the plant and improves the efficiency of calcium uptake.

The advantages of Calcium Nitrate :

Fully water soluble.

Consists of 100 percent plant nutrients.

Free of sulfate.

Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants.

Suitable for the production of nutrient solutions and for bulk blending.

Calcium Nitrate can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers, except stock solutions containing phosphates or sulfates.

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