Micronutrient Products :

Fertiliq – Foliar micronutrient Spray

Fertiliq Micronutrient spray

Fertiliq :

Fertiliq is a popular multi micronutrient spray suitable for all crops . For correction of micronutrient deficiency in all the major crops.It contains perfect blend of almost all the micronutrients required for higher yield.Fertiliq is popular from last so many decades because of its excellent results.

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Sampurna Gold – Multi micronutrient Liquid

Chealated Liquid Micronutrient:

sampurna Gold is a mixture of essential elements like  Iron Meganese , zinc, copper, Molybdenum and boron.

It supplies balance nutrition to the plants thorough foliar spray and takes care of hidden hunger which can not be easily seen through symptoms on the crops. Use of Sampurna Gold increase the yield as well as improve the quality pf the fruits Etc.|Many cases its use is found to take care of the damage likely to be caused by many insects.pests and diseases due to development of resistance  in ther plants.

Contents for spray active ingredients :

Fe                             2.55%

Mn                           1.0%

Zn                             3.0%

Cu                            1.0%

B                               0.5%

Mo                            0.1%

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Nutrimax – Micronutrient mixture powder 

Nutrimax is a perfectly blended micronutrients powder containing all the vital micronutrients . Approved by government the mixture is scientifically prepared for utmost performance .

Nutrimax is suitable for all crops , for removing the micronutrient deficiency , containing Zinc , Ferrous , Magnesium , Manganese , Copper , Molybdenum , Boron in 100% water soluble form and is instantly available to plants .


Zinc 3.0%
Ferrous 2.0%
Magnesium 3.0%
Manganese 1.0%
Copper 1.0%
Boron 0.5%
Molybdenum 0.1%
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