Bio Pesticides and Organic Products :

Garan T Bio Pesticides

Its a Bio Pesticides used for control of various Worms . Its effective and widely used by farmers .

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  Startek Biopesticides

Startek Biopesticides is effective control for thrips ,mites , whitefly , very low dose , excellent result.

BIO STAR – Bio Larvicide

Demonstrates a unique physiological mode of action reducing potential cross resistance to other classes of chemistry. It acts on the nerve cells to suppress muscle contraction thus inhibiting the larvae from feeding within hours providing rapid crop protection.

It  maintains control of a range of larval insects by contact activity with wet residues, but predominantly by ingestion activity. It acts directly with the larvae but exterminates them when still inside the egg, thus increasing speed of activity and residual control.

BIO STAR is considered as biologically selective for some beneficial species due to lack of intrinsic toxicity and a mode of action mainly via ingestion rater than contact activity.

Its ecologically selective to a wide range of beneficial species due to the rapid breakdown of the active ingredient thus limiting contact activity to a very short period

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Dr Root – with Gibberellic Acid

Dr. Root is an ideal formulation for vigorous growth of roots . Dr Root contains gibberellic acid , along with essential proteins and added micronutrients .

Its a perfect blend and complete food for best root growth , Dr Root is one of the best root stimulant .

Can be used on any crop , for foliar as well as for soil application ( drenching )

Dr Root is the best available root stimulant across the globe .

Export Inquiry welcome for Dr Root

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Dr. Fruit – Fruit setter for Agriculture

Dr Fruit is the best available organic stimulant for increasing the fruits .

It increases the flower to fruit conversion , it improve the quality of fruit .

The best available product to be used to increase the fruits , can be used in any crop .

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Vinash Bio Pesticides

Vinash BioPesticides effective of control of all types of worms.The product offer here is 500 ml  Pack

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