13-00-45 Potassium Nitrate : Water Soluble Fertiliser

13:00:45 – Potassium Nitrate  , This provides excellent green-up in low temperature conditions.  Apply in the fall for extra protection against drought and winter stress. N-P-K 13-00-45 is Water Soluble Fertilizer contributing nitrogen 13 % and potassium 45 %. Potassium nitrate is a unique source of potassium by its nutritional value and its contribution to the health and yields of plants. Potassium nitrate outperforms other potassium fertilizers on crops of all types. Potassium nitrate increases yields and improves quality in vegetables, field crops., flowers and fruit and nut trees. Potassium nitrate is an ideal source of N and K for optional plant nutrition. It is available in a variety of compositions and formulations, to suit specific crop requirements and growth environments

13-00-45 also called as Potassium nitrate is one of the most used water soluble fertiliser . 13-00-45

13-00-45 Potassium Nitrate Benefits :

  • 13-00-45is free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
  • 13-00-45is compatible with all water-soluble fertilizers and also majority of pesticides in foliar application
  • 13-00-45is useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development
  • 13-00-45has low n/k ratio therefore suitable for all crops and all growing stages in crop cycle
  • 13-00-45is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants

Packing available : 500 gm. Pouch and 25 kg Multicolor bag.

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