About Us : 

National Pesticides & Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality plant protection , Agrochemicals products in India .

The Company represent the fast growing quality Agrochemicals business in India . Engaged in production of pesticides , micronutrients , water soluble fertilisers company has huge range of quality agrochemicals .

With the latest knowhow and technologically advanced management , company is making use of all the latest technology to push the business on top ,  With in house well sophisticated laboratory and dedicated Research and development team , company have grown considerably not only in Indian Market but also started exporting Agrochemicals to USA , Russia , UAE and many other companies .

Equipped with advanced equipment such as HPLC, GC, MS, IR, UV, laser particle size analyzer, screening instrument, moisture tester etc, the Quality Control Centre can accurately identify products active ingredient, do active ingredient content analysis/impurities analysis/particle size analysis/powder fineness analysis/moisture analysis/emulsification analysis/suspension analysis etc.

With huge range  insecticides , fungicides , herbicides and PGR company has also started production of water soluble fertilisers also . With 2 manufacturing facility in central India , company has geographical and logistic advantage .

The fastest growing agro group in central India , with huge dealer network whole across the country and still growing . Because of our quality , service and efficiency , our agrochemicals are in huge demand by clients all over . Our quality and service is appreciated all over in Industry , we will continue with our reputation and will always provide the products with highest quality standards in all our range of Agrochemicals .

We now have more than 2500 dealers across India , with our Depo’s and regional office in all the major states of India like Punjab , Haryana , Madhya Pradesh , Chattisgardh , Gujarat , Maharastra , Karnataka , Telengana etc ..

Come connect to the fastest growing agrochemical group of India ……….